Connecting your Airtable

In this article, we will cover how to add a data block and connect it to Airtable. New to Airtable? Create an account

Adding an Airtable listing block

Pory provides data blocks for you to display your Airtable data as listings.
  1. Click on the Add Section button or hover over an existing block to reveal options
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  1. Switch to the Airtable list tab and choose a design.
Select a listing design
Select a listing design

Connecting your Airtable base

After you have selected a design, an empty Airtable listing section will appear on your page. You can move it anywhere by dragging and dropping each section. To connect the empty list to Airtable:
  1. Hover over the section and click on Edit Listing
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  1. Select your Airtable base
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  1. Select which table from the base to use
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  1. Switch over to the View Settings tab (optional) to use an Airtable View or to sort by field name. More information in the section below.
  1. Switch over to the Filters Settings tab (optional) to generate filters for your listing. More information in the section below.
  1. Switch over to the Search Settings tab (optional) to select which fields are searchable. More information in the section below.

View Settings

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Items per page

This is the number of records to display before users will need to press the view more button to load more records. The maximum number is 20.

Display records using an Airtable view or Field name

You can display records using an Airtable View or sorted using a Field Name.
Detailed example here:

Filter Settings

Pory provides two methods for creating filters for your Airtable listing:
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  1. Fetching from a table - The list of filter options are stored on a separate table (legacy method)
  1. Automatically generated using either a single select or multiple select field (recommended method)
Detailed instructions here:

Search Settings

By default, only the fields used for your listing's title and description is searchable. To extend what is searchable:
  1. Select the Search Settings tab
  1. Select the fields you would like your users to be able to search for
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Click Save and Continue when you're ready!
In the next section, we will go through how to display information from Airtable onto the listing's card and detailed view.