Creating a header

In this section we will learn how to edit your site's header to display all your pages and links for easy navigation.
To add navigation links to your site's header, hover over the header section to view the edit header button.
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This will open up a drawer to customize your site/app's header including adding a logo, navigation links or call to action button.


  1. Click on or drag and drop an image into the dotted box to add a file from your computer. Images need to be under 1mb.
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Navigation Links

  1. Click on Add Link to start adding pages and external URLs to your site header.
    1. Click on Add Sublink to create sub menu items. This will appear in a dropdown menu
      1. notion image
        In this example, we're adding the About Us page.
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Call to Action Button

You can also add a button in the header under the Button section.
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Once you're done, click on Save Settings
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