Google Domain

Common Terms

Root Domain: top level domain which is the domain that you have purchased

Naked Domain: a naked domain is the domain without the 'www'

Subdomain: This is an extension of the domain you have purchased

When connecting your domain, it is important that you add both the naked domain and the "www" domain (regardless if it is a root or subdomain). This is because we automatically redirect your "www" domain to the naked domain by default. For example, if your domain is, when a user enters we will automatically redirect that user to So for this to happen you will need the following entries in your DNS provider (see below for provider specific instructions):

ANAME/ will point to Pory will point to Pory

For root domains, we recommend using ANAME/ALIAs instead of CNAME to ensure that other records such as your MX records will not conflict.


  1. Sign in to Google Domains.
  2. Click the domain you want to manage
  3. In the left navigation panel, click the DNS icon .
  4. Scroll to the Custom resource records section.
  5. In the first field, endter the subdomain part you want to add (i.e. blog)
  6. In the dropdown menu, select CNAME
  7. Enter in the data field
  8. Click Add to save

For your naked domain to work (i.e. your non-www domain), you need to create a synthetic record. To do so, follow the directions here:

In step 7, enter the following values: Subdomain: @ Destination URL: Type of redirect: Permanent Enable SSL


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