Enabling User Accounts

This article goes through the onboarding process of setting up user accounts. If you have already enabled user accounts, learn more about managing users here.
User accounts are a great way to create gated content for your business. Users are synced to Airtable which means you can then segment your users and set up automations for marketing campaigns or updates in general. There are a lot of cool things you can do which we will write about soon 😎


  • You will need an Airtable account to get started
  • You will need to be subscribed to our Professional plan if your account was created after March 2021

Enabling User Accounts

Navigate to the apps page and click on the Users button
notion image
User accounts is a paid feature, you will need to upgrade your account to our Professional plan before proceeding. All plans come with 14-day free trial.
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Once this feature is enabled, there is an onboarding process to help you connect your Airtable and set up quite literally in minutes. Already went through onboarding? Learn more about managing users
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Users Table Set Up

The first step is to connect your users table from Airtable.
  • Create a table in your Airtable base for storing your users.
  • Add a field in the table for collecting emails. Members will use this for logging into your app. Ideally, the email field should be the first field in your table as it will ensure that it is always unique.
  1. Select the Airtable base that contains your Users table
  1. Select your Users table
  1. Select which field is used for storing your user's email
This is the users table used for tutorial:
Account details (not including password) will be stored in this table when they sign up to your app.

User Profile

The next step will create a sign up form using the fields from your users table. Pory automatically takes the fields from your Airtable and creates a sign up form using them. See how the table above has generated this:
notion image
  1. Build your signup / profile form based on what information you would like to collect about users
    1. notion image
      Hovering over a field will display options similar to Airtable
      • To remove a field, click on the X button
      • To reorder a field, drag the handle button
      • To make a field required, toggle the required field option
      notion image
      Removed fields will end up on the left column. You can click on the field to bring it back into the form.
  1. Select next when you're happy with your form

Email Setup

The next step is setting up your reply to email and welcome email. Welcome emails are sent when your users first sign up to your platform.
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  1. Enter your reply to email. This is the email used for sending out your welcome emails and when a user needs to reset their password.
  1. Create your welcome email by filling out the email subject and email content
  1. Click next when you're ready!

Redirection rules

The final step is creating redirection rules for your app. This tells the app which page to redirect your users based on different scenarios.
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  1. Select which page to redirect your users to after logging in.
    1. E.g. Take the user to a welcome or members only page.
  1. Select which page to redirect your users to if they are not logged in and trying to access protected content.
    1. E.g. Take the user to the log in page
  1. Select which page to redirect your users after logging out
    1. E.g. Take the user to the home page or survey form
That's it! Press next when you're ready and you'll be taken to your user management page. When a new user signs up, they will appear below.
notion image
You will now see log in and sign up buttons appearing in your app header and live app.
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Sign up form
notion image
Log In Form
notion image
Reset Password Form
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Next Steps

  1. Managing users
  1. Setting up emails
  1. App permissions and redirection rules