Google Analytics

Google Analytics

In this article, we'll cover different tools we can use to enable analytics on your pory app.
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Connecting your Google Analytics account is easy. We support both versions of Google Analytics, the tracking ID, a string that looks like UA-000000-2 and the Measurement ID, a string that looks like G-XXXXXXX.

Finding your tracking ID

  1. Log onto Google Analytics
  1. Click on the accounts dropdown and select the property of your site (instructions on how to create one below)
  1. Click on Property Settings
  1. Copy tracking ID
  1. Switch over to the editor on Pory, select integrations > Analytics > Google Analytics
  1. Paste in your tracking ID
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Finding your measurement ID

  1. Log onto Google Analytics
  1. Click on admin in the bottom left of the toolbar
  1. Click on Data Streams
  1. Select your site
  1. Copy your measurement ID G-XXXXXXX
  1. Switch over to the editor on Pory, select integrations > Analytics > Google Analytics

Creating an account

Start by enabling Google Analytics by visiting This should take you to a form to set up your account by asking for the following details:
  • Account name
  • Account sharing setings
Next, it'll create a property for your account. This represents your business's web and/or app data.
Lastly, it'll ask for information about your business (mainly for their knowledge on how to improve the tool).
Your account is now created and you should be taken to the dashboard!

Collecting data

To start collecting data, choose Web as your platform to connect your website.
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Set up your web stream by providing your Website URL, Stream name and select create.
You should now be presented with a Measurement ID.
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Switch over to the editor on Pory and select integrations
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Viewing Analytics

There are two versions of Google Analytics available. For older users (tracking ID starts with UA):
  1. Go to Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages
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For newer users, you will see a dashboard as soon as you visit Google Analytics
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Viewing Events

Older google analytics version. Behaviour > Events > Top Events
  • Viewing which record is clicked
Category: Engagement
Action: view_title
Label: record value
Category: engagement
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