Members Table

In this article, we will cover setting up your table for storing information about your members on Airable. Information in this table will be used for creating your member's account and profile, which they can edit from their account.

For example in our mentoring app, the fields in our users table includes Email, Name, Profile Photo and Seeking (what they are looking to be mentored for).

Creating a members table

  1. Create a table in your Airtable base for storing your members.

  2. Add an emails field. Members will use this for logging into your site. Ideally, the email field should be the first field in your table as it will ensure that it is always unique.

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Connecting your table

  1. Select your members table. If you created the table after sharing your Airtable base share link, just refresh the page :)

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  1. Select the field used for storing your member's email. This step is important, your members will use this for logging into their account.

Tip: To prevent duplicate user accounts, use the first field in your members table for emails. Airtable will ensure that the record is unique.

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That's it! Your members table is ready to go! Next up, setting up your member's profile!