Other Settings

In this article, we will cover other settings available for Pory's memberships feature.


Setup emails for welcoming your new members and other things like password reset.

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  1. Enter your email address used for sending the email. Members will be able to reply to this email.

  2. Craft a warm welcome message. Let them know more about you, your journey and what to expect :)

Redirection Links

Redirection rules allows you to choose which page a member should be redirected to based on the scenario. We currently support:

  • After logging in: A user may be redirected to a welcome page
  • When a user is not logged in: A user may be redirected to the log in page when they try to access a members-only page
  • After logging out: A user may be redirected to a survey after logging out

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T&C and privacy links

The sign up form include links to your terms & condition and privacy policy pages. Create these pages from the editor and link them here.

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