Navigating the Platform

Welcome to Pory! This guide will help you find your bearings on the platform. Feel free to also join our Slack Community for additional help and inspiration. ❤️

Creating an App

  1. Select Create App and start with a layout
  1. Enter your API Key to grant Pory access to your bases (applies to new accounts only)

Adding a theme

Select Settings > Color and Fonts. These will applied to all your content and data blocks as default styles.

Adding a Content Block

Select Add Section to add your first block. Alternatively hover over the sections to reveal options to add more blocks.
Select Edit Button on the section you would like to edit to open up the editor.

Adding a Data Block (Airtable)

Hover over your content to reveal options to add another section. Select Airtable listing and select a card or list layout.
Select Edit Listing to connect your Airtable. Here you can set up which fields are searchable, filterable and how it should be sorted. You can then select which fields to display on the data block and customize its styles.
Looking for a more detailed guide on each step?

Adding Pages

Click on the selected page dropdown and select Add New Page

Adding Logo and Navigation Links

Hover over the top of the browser and select the Edit button. Here you can upload your logo, add navigation links and a call to action button.

Adding Page Meta

Select Page settings and scroll down to SEO settings. If your app is crawled by a search engine, the meta will appear in the results. The meta will also appear when you share your link on social media and chats.

Adding Favicon

Select Settings or the dotted box in the tab to upload a favicon. Favicon's will appear in a browser tab for your web app.

Publishing the App

Select Publish Changes and create a free domain for your web app. You can also connect a custom domain by upgrading to one of our plans.


I'm sure your completed app will be 10x better than what we just created above. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're available via website live chat or on Slack if you join our community.
Other things you can do on the platform:
  • Adding Integrations: Select Integrations to add things like analytics, live chat or custom scripts.
  • Password protect pages: Select Page Settings and enable password protection. Next, select Settings > App Settings and create a password.
  • Embedding Widget into another platform: Select Settings > Embed