Navigating the Platform

Welcome to Pory! This guide will help you find your bearings on the platform. Feel free to also join our Slack Community for additional help and inspiration. ❤️

Creating an App

  1. Select Create App and start with a layout
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Edit Branding

  1. Select App Settings > Branding.
This is where you can edit your logo, favicon, brand color and font family which will be applied to all your content and data blocks as default styles.
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Adding Blocks

  1. Select Add Section to add your first block.
  1. Select the Edit icon Button on the section to open up the editor.
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Adding a Data Block (Airtable Integration)

  1. Add a section and select a block under Display Airtable Data
  1. Click on Edit Listing to connect your Airtable
  1. Select create listing for Anyone
  1. Enter your Airtable API Key if you haven’t before
The editor enables you to set up which fields are searchable, filterable and displayed. You can then select which fields to display on the selected block and customize its styles.
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Adding Pages

  1. Click on the Page Selector
  1. Select Add Page
  1. Enter a name and path (slug) for the page
To edit page settings like name, path, SEO meta and rules:
  1. Click on the Settings button from the Page Selector
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Adding Navigation Links

  1. Hover over the navigation header
  1. Select the Edit Header button.
The navigation settings menu enables you to select the position of the navigation (top or side) and adding navigation links to pages or URLs. You can also update the styles by switching to the Styles tab.
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That’s it! You should be ready to create your very first app on Pory now. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or join our community.
Other things you can do on the platform:
  • Adding Integrations: Select App Settings > Integrations to add things like analytics, live chat or custom scripts.
  • Enable user accounts: Select users from the side navigation and follow the onboarding wizard.
  • Embedding Widget into other platforms: Select App Settings > Embed