Pretty URLs

Pory now supports overriding default generated links which contains Airtable ids with your own pretty url. In this article, we will set up and sync pretty urls for your app to go
From: https://no-code-tools.pory.app/record/recAgPJudkWrYxmu5
To: https://no-code-tools.pory.app/pory

Create Pretty URL Field

First, let’s create a new field in your table to store the pretty URL for each record page
  1. Add a new Single Line Text field to your table e.g. Pretty Urls
  1. Enter a URL for each record e.g. /Pory
    1. notion image

Create Pretty URLs with Formula

Most tables have hundreds if not thousands of records. We can use a formula to generate pretty URLs using a formula based on another field i.e. Product Title. This will lower case and hyphenate your field into a url.
notion image
  1. Add a new Formula field to your table e.g. Pretty URLs
  1. Copy and paste the formula below
  1. Replace Field_Name with your own Airtable field.

Syncing URLs

Unfortunately, pretty URLs do not get periodically synced and regenerated on Pory yet. To sync pretty URLs and generate a sitemap.
  1. Go into the editor
  1. Click on Edit Listing
  1. Switch to the Detailed View
  1. Click on SEO on the bottom
    1. notion image
  1. Select your Pretty URL field
    1. notion image
  1. Click Save and sync
    1. notion image
Your record page should now use its pretty url. See Demo


Syncing your pretty urls will also generate a /sitemap.xml.