Editing Airtable listing

In this article, we will demonstrate how to edit cards to customise which fields to display in your Airtable listing.

When you connect your Airtable base or copy a template base, you may notice that the cards are blank. This is because Pory doesn't know which fields to use from your table.

  1. To start, select Edit Cards to open up the Field mapping editor

  1. On the left is all the options you can display depending on the card or list layout. The Card view tab is what is displayed in the listing and the Modal View is what is shown after a user has selected it.

Note: To hide the field, select the toggle to remove it from view

  1. Depending on the layout that you choose (which you can change at any time), the type and Field options available will vary so have a play around! At any time when you find something doesn't look right while going through different layout options, go back to the Fields tab and have a look at what's missing.

It should also be noted that within the Layout field, you can change the view type to either be displayed as a Link, Page or Expand.

  1. Once you are happy, select save and you'll see the changes reflected in the editor. Also, remember to always Publish Changes to ensure all updates are saved!

Happy Building!