How to create pages

In this section we will learn how to add pages and create navigation links on your website or web app.

Add Page

add page

Let's start by clicking on Add Page. This will open a popover to create your page

  1. Give your page a name. This is used internally E.g. About Us

  2. Give your page a path. This should begin with a forward slash / and contain no spaces. E.g. /about-us

  3. Click Add Page

empty page

That's it, your page is created. You can now build out your page by clicking on Add New Section :)

Page Settings

You can edit properties like your page title (displayed in the browser tab), path and SEO by clicking on Page Settings.

empty page


Pory allows you to update your Page meta title, Page meta Description and image to improve how your site is displayed in search engine results.

empty page

This is also used to generate a preview of your page when you share your URL on social media.

empty page