User Groups

User groups enables you to control what different types of users can view, create, edit and remove on your app. In this article, we’ll go through how you can create user groups to manage different types of end users.
For example, an employee directory may include user groups like Employees (who can edit profile, view directory, view projects) and Project Managers (Who can edit teams and project information).

Viewing User Groups

To view information about your user groups:
  1. Navigate to User Groups from the sidebar
  1. Click View Group to see detailed information about each user group.
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Viewing Group Permissions

The Permissions tab outlines what users of the group can do. To learn more:
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  1. Click on the View button
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Viewing Group Users

The users table contains all the users who are part of the group.
  1. Switch to the Users tab
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Editing User Groups

To edit the user group information:
  1. Click on the View button
  1. Click on Edit Group to update name and description
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Updating Default User Group

By default, users are automatically assigned to your default user group when they create an account on your app. To update your default group:
  1. Click on the Settings button
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  1. Select Default User Group
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Assigning User Groups by Field Value

In the case where you have existing users on Airtable and would like to invite them to create an account on your app. You may want to assign them to different user groups based on a field value.
E.g. You want to assign each employee (user) based on their department.
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To set up user group field mapping:
  1. Follow the steps above to navigate to Default Settings
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  1. Click on Edit Group Field Mapping
  1. Select the field from your user table used to determine the user group E.g. Department
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  1. Click on Add Field Mapping
  1. Enter the value and the group for each user group that needs assigning.
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Users who sign up via an invitation link on Airtable will now be automatically added to a user group based on the mapped field value.

Creating User Groups

To create a user group:
  1. Click on view Create User Group
  1. Give your group a meaningful name and description. E.g. Let’s create a Project Manager group which allows members to view and manage teams (we will create the rules later).
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Deleting User Group

To delete a user group:
  1. Click View to open user group details
  1. Click on the ant menu to open settings menu
  1. Click on Delete Group
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