Organize and collaborate with your team, clients or partners using workspaces.


  • Pory does not support live collaboration yet. We do not recommend editing apps at the same time as it will result in conflicts and data loss
  • All members will be able to create, edit and delete apps in your team workspace.

My Workspace

By default, the first workspace is personal which is private to you only. As you start using Pory for more things and with more groups of people, you can keep different kinds of content separate by using multiple workspaces.

Creating a Workspace

  1. Click on the Add button from the workspaces side bar
  1. Enter a name for your workspace
  1. Enter your Airtable API Key
notion image

Inviting Members

  1. Select your workspace and navigate to Members from the navigation.
    1. notion image
  1. Click on Invite Member
    1. notion image
  1. Enter each member's email address and press add. You can invite up to 10 members at once.
    1. notion image

Removing Members

  1. Click on the Edit button next to the member to remove them from your workspace
    1. notion image

Workspace Settings

To update your workspace settings including its name, Airtable API key or to delete a workspace:
  1. Select the workspace (this will open up the navigation sidebar)
  1. Click on settings from the navigation
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Transferring apps to different workspaces

  1. Select the workspace
  1. Click on the ant menu on the app to open up settings
  1. Select the Move to option
    1. notion image
  1. Select the new workspace
    1. ⚠️
      Please make sure the app has the correct credentials to access the connected Airtable data. I.e. workspaces with different credentials will result in an unauthorised error.