Welcome to Pory 👋

We're stoked to have you here and can't wait to see what you create!

Create Site

If you haven't done so already, sign up for a free account.

  1. Log on to Pory and in the sites page, click Create Site


  1. Select a template for your site. Don't worry if you can't find one for your use case, you can choose more layouts from the editor :)


  1. Enter a name for your site (This is used internally for your workspace).

site name

That's it! We have just created a demo website using the template that you selected!

new site

  1. Select Set up Airtable when you're ready to connect your data from Airtable.

set up airtable

Copy Airtable template

Select Copy tempate base. This will copy our template into your Airtable workspace.

copy template

Next, follow the same steps as using your own Airtable below

Connect Airtable base

Select Connect my own base. This will ask for three things:

  1. Your Airtable base - Click on the drop down to select which base you want to use
  2. Your Main Table - This is the table inside the base (Tab) with your content
  3. Your Filters table - This contains all the options for each filter

connect Airtable

You should now see the Airtable base connected to the site. Try update something on Airtable! 🥳 🎉
Are your cards blank? Click on Edit card to connect your airtable fields. We also have this detailed guide.

Adding content blocks to your site

Pory has a collection of ready-made blocks you mix and match. Simply click on Add UI Block to add blocks such as a Hero, Feature, Content, Form, Footer to your page!

ui blocks