Agency Talent Management

Airtable template for building a portal to match the right creative talent to the right project based on their experience, skills, location, and availability.

Agency Talent Management

This template makes it easy to match the right creative talent to the right project based on their experience, skills, location, and availability, while cultivating a system of record for your agency, the creative talent, and the client.


This template is designed to be a starting point for fast-moving agencies of any kind: advertising, digital marketing, social media, public relations, and beyond. It is ideal for project managers, talent managers, GMs, or anyone else who bears any responsibility for getting the right creative and technical resources on the project.

Getting Started

We'll cover some of the major workflows in this template to help you get started. Airtable is also incredibly flexible and customizable, so if you need to make some tweaks, you can simply modify the setup to meet your needs!

Modifying template for your use case


Select all the records in a given table and right click to delete records


Adjust the values for Role, Category, Skills, or Region to reflect the values that matter to your business.

Adding a new employee / freelancer


Add the employee in-line in the Talent table.


Add a new employee using Airtable forms. This is perfect for users who don't need to have access to the full base. They can submit a form for a new employee and you'll see it automatically added into the grid.

Click on the carrot to the left of the All: By Role view to navigate to the Add an Employee / Freelancer view

Click Preview on the form view to generate a link to a live form you can send to anyone for an employee submission.

Assign a manager

If you take the time to assign a Manager to an Employee, the organizational structure will automatically visualize in the Org Chart block in the right hand panel.

You can access the Org Chart block by clicking on the Blocks icon on the top right of the screen.

Assign and track Talent for a Project

This section will walk you through the entire process of creating a new Project and assigning the relevant creative & technical talent to it.

Adding a new Client & Project

This template allows you to organize the information for a potential engagement by either:

  1. Entering in all the details of the client first and creating the project later
  2. Create the project and a new client on the fly and fill out the company details later


Click on the Clients table and update all the relevant information in-line.

Go to the Projects table. After you add a new project in-line, click on the + button in the empty record in the Clients field.

Then select an existing Client in the menu or add a new one if it doesn't exist.

Assign Talent to a Project

This template allows you to assign both Account Managers and Creative Talent directly from the Talent table to a Project.

Assign Account Manager

In the Projects table, click the + button in the Primary Account Manager field.

Assign Creative Talent

Repeat the same process for the Creative Talent. Airtable allows you to assign multiple people to a Project.

View Projects

After you've assigned an Account Manager and Creative Talent to a project, this will automatically be reflected back in the Talent table

Keep track of existing clients

On the Projects table

This template automatically flags existing Clients based on the status of any related project.

The Existing Client field will automatically populate with 'Existing'...

...if the Project Status is Signed, Live, or Complete

On the Clients table

The Project Status then gets passed back into the Clients table to append a green label to any record with a Signed, Live, or Complete project.

Keep track of availability

This template will keep track of the End Date for each Creative Talent assigned to a Project...

...and automatically pull in that date into the Talent tab to let you know if a Creative Talent resource is available.

Use this template

Click on the Copy base button from the bottom of the Airtable embed to copy the template into your Airtable workspace.

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