Nonprofit Program Management

Airtable template for building a portal to track tasks and issues related to nonprofit programs. Keep your programs and associated tasks, issues, and team members organized in one place.

Nonprofit Program Management

Welcome to the Nonprofit program management template!

This template shows how a nonprofit can organize its programs and associated tasks, issues, and team members.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of it:

  • Everything in an Airtable base is customizable, including this description! You can add, edit, or remove any tables, fields, records, or views to fit your needs.
  • The Programs & initiatives table holds information about this imaginary nonprofit’s various focus points. Try adding a new initiative record by clicking the plus button at the bottom of the list.
  • Each initiative is linked to the particular team member who is its project manager via the Team table, which holds records of all of the nonprofit’s employees. Try clicking one of the linked project managers to quickly see more information about them.
  • The Active initiatives grid view is filtered to show only initiatives that are marked as being active. Try removing an initiative’s star from the Active field to filter it out of this view.
  • The Priority level kanban view in the Tasks table shows all of your tasks on a virtual board, arranged by their priority level. Try reprioritizing a task by dragging it from the “resolve soon” stack to the “time-sensitive” stack.
  • Expand the apps dashboard for a goal summary, a progress chart, an initiative timeline, and a volunteer sign-up list. You can also reference the "Read me 👋" description app at any time to find out more information.

Explore our template gallery for other example bases, or check out our guide to getting started in Airtable to learn how to build a new base from scratch!

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