6 Business Apps with Airtable as backend

Pory is a frontend solution for Airtable with a huge collection of templates and layouts. Here are 6 apps you can build on Pory with Airtable as your CMS (backend) today. No code required.

6 Business Apps with Airtable as backend

At Pory, we're working on a frontend solution that brings all your favourite tools together for creating business apps at the speed of thought.

The first tool on our list is Airtable, a visual database that works like a spreadsheet, making it the perfect data source for creating data-driven websites.

To help you see our capabilities, we've put together the following list of apps to help you get a taste of what can be built:

1. Mentor Portal

A portal for finding growth mentors for your startup. Users can sign up for an account to get access to mentors and book a time through Calendly. Other examples of directories you could create include employee, alumni or even local businesses.

2. Job board

A job board listing opportunities across a portfolio of companies. Applicants can apply through an Airtable form for the position and receive updates as the status of the job progresses.

3. Content Curation

A list of Adobe tutorials with search and filters. This makes it a lot easier for the user to go through 101 illustrations and maintainable for the author. The list is automatically updated whenever a new entry is created!

4. Membership Portal

A fellowship program for members to access mentors, perks, events and job listings. The memberships includes a dashboard for managing all your members, create access to members-only content and soon you will be able to charge members a monthly subscription.

5. Resource Hub

A hub of Airtable scripts created by and for the community. Users can also contribute by submitting to the list and buy a coffee to the maintainer of the project. Other resource hubs you can create include toolkits and onboarding information etc.

6. Events Listing

A listing of conferences for startups with information and a gallery of images from the event. Another example is creating a course library with embedded videos.

So there we have it! 6 examples of what you could create with Pory and Airtable as your CMS. Now it's your turn - sign up for a free account and give it a whirl today.

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