How to Build a Customer Support Portal in Pory

How to build a support portal with Airtable integration for customers to raise and manage their tickets.

How to Build a Customer Support Portal in Pory


This tutorial covers how to build a customer support portal for your business using Airtable data.

Why use Pory for building portals?
🔓 End users won't need to know or use Airtable.
💰 You won't need to purchase extra seats for users.



  1. Customer can log into their account to view their tickets
  2. Customer cans create, view, update and delete their tickets

Airtable Base

The Airtable includes 2 tables: Users and Tickets. You can copy this base into your account here.

Pro Tip: To manage different groups of users in the Users table, we recommend creating a Single Select field called Groups to categorize users and then organizing each group with an Airtable View.

Step 1: Creating a portal

Step 2: Airtable base

Step 3: Connecting users table

Step 4: User profile page

Step 5: Previewing the portal

Step 6: Creating a list of support ticket

Step 7: Setting up permissions

Step 8: Submitting a ticket

Live Demo

Check out the customer support portal here ✌️

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