How to Integrate Airtable

Learn how to integrate Airtable on Pory and start displaying records in listings.

Luannie Dang

Written by Luannie Dang

Pory is a great frontend platform for building interfaces using records from Airtable. To integrate with Airtable:

  1. Go to the Workspace settings page
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Click on Update Access Token
Workspace settings
Workspace settings
  1. Enter your personal access token. You can create one here
Airtable personal access token
Airtable personal access token
  1. Make sure the following scopes are granted.
    a. data.records:read
    b. data.records:write (include if you want to support user actions)
    c. schema.bases:read

  2. Make sure the following access is granted. a. All current and future bases in all current and future workspaces.

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